The therapeutic relationship...
Each therapeutic relationship is as unique as the individuals within it, and everyone will come to counselling with slightly different hopes and needs. Something that applies to every relationship, however, is that counselling is collaborative work, requiring an investment from both therapist and client. 

My training and approach...

I have trained primarily as an integrative humanistic counsellor, but have also undertaken training in Psychodynamic counselling and CBT, which I will draw upon if I feel they will be beneficial. 


I see it as my role to create a safe, supportive space where you are able to talk freely about any experiences and feelings that are causing you pain or preventing you from living life as you would like. 

As we explore your inner world together, my aim is never to judge or advise, but rather to understand how you experience life, to help you to challenge ways of being that no longer meet your needs, and to explore emerging new possibilities as you gain a deeper understanding of how you would like to live your life going forward. 

My philosophy...

My approach is informed by existential philosophy, which means that I am interested in your unique experience of life, the meaning you assign to it, the personal strengths and values that drive you and give you purpose, and the very real limitations, both personal and universal, that we all need to acknowledge in order to feel at peace with ourselves in a busy and demanding world.

My own experience...

Having benefited from personal therapy myself - before, during and after my own training - I believe one of the most empowering aspects of therapy is how it puts you in touch with yourself. It can give you the courage to confront issues that have been negatively impacting your life but which previously seemed too difficult to address. 

How counselling can help...

Once you know and accept yourself more fully, you may start to experience changes in how you think, feel and respond to both the challenges and opportunities life presents. 

Some people also find that relationships with others start to become deeper and more meaningful - something that is hugely important to many of us in order to have the best quality of life. 



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